Sharp R-216LS Compact Microwave

Sharp R-216LS compact size microwave oven is a huge help in my every day routine. Simple design and features became a quality experience, making my days a little easier. Would work well being used for anything; heating up popcorn, meals, your morning coffee. I consider it a very unique, top of the line unit. It does what it’s supposed to do. It heats evenly and reheats well. Powerful for its wattage, and heats just as well as expensive units. The bottom line is, you get a fine deal when you purchase this microwave. Compact for saving counter space. Just as powerful without spending all your cash.

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Benefits/ Feature

It cleans up nicelyIt is not easily scratchedStainless steel body is fingerprint proof and easy to cleanControls are the simplestSpace efficientMoney saver4 Defrost options11″ 5/8 TurntableDigital clockFour cooking options to ensure perfectly cooked food for 1 to 2 servingsMinute plus option15 automatic settings6 reheat optionsAutomatic popcorn settingLighted cavity-Quiet-Stable tray

Specific Benefits of Sharp R-216LS Microwave Oven

This compact stainless steel microwave oven by Sharp has the perfect combination of compact outer dimensions and a stylish stainless steel exterior while still offering plenty of cooking capacity. Whether you simply need to make popcorn or reheat dishes now or then, or if you want a microwave oven for cooking microwave recipes, the Sharp R-216LS Stainless Steel Compact Counter top microwave oven won’t disappoint. One or two touches and you can accomplish any “cooking” or reheating.

This unit has 4/5 cubic foot capacity and runs at 800 watts of power.This would be a great little microwave for any dorm room, finished basement, game room or anywhere you need a one. It’s got a child safety lock to prevent accidents and a 10″ turntable that spins on the inside. This microwave oven is only 25 lbs. and is very compact to fit your smallest needs. It’s got auto touch controls that are user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use. The digital display is bright and is a 4 digit display. It’s certainly worth the price.

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The steel finish is attractive and goes with most color schemes. It is also solidly built. Some may say pretty, but basic. I’d say I could use the simplicity, This microwave would be perfect on top of a mini-fridge in the master bathroom, or your husbands’ “man-cave”. It would also look great in a place of business. Compact for less clutter. Sharp makes reliable appliances. I like this unit. Excellent value for the money. It does all I can expect and more–the few shortcut buttons are convenient. It is very handy and looks great too.There have been many questions concerning this product and I’ll get those out to you. The FAQs below may be handy before you take your buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the exact measurements?A: (w x h x d) 12 5/8 x 7 7/8 x 13 1/4 / Outside Dimensions – 18 1/8 x 10 7/8 x 14 (w x h x d).

Q: Does the light inside and on the clock light up when the door is opened?A: No, the light only comes on when cooking; NOT when you open the door. The time on the clock does not light up, which honestly I don’t see as that big of a problem.

Q: What are the colors of the sides and the top?A: It is known that a lot of it is stainless steel but the sides and the top are more of a dark grey.

Q: How long is the power chord?A: Approximately 3 Feet.

Q: What kind of warranty comes with it?A: One-year unlimited.

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Final Thought on Sharp R-216LS Microwave

This machine has high quality. This pocket sized microwave is the best one. Ideal for small family’s, a single person, and is great for small dishes.I am very pleased with this microwave, it’s simplicity and its ability to fit right next to my toaster on the counter. Also, a lot of people have been complimenting some of it’s unique features like “one-button cooking”. One buyer said for its small size, this Microwave does some pretty big jobs.

One lady has had it in her small apartment for over 2 years and it is still going strong with no complaints. This product looks modern, sleek, and neat, that’s always a plus. The Sharp R-216LS microwave has all of the quality, workmanship, and as much attention to detail as the larger, more expensive models. This is a great microwave, don’t be scared off by negative reviews. This is a great deal, a great machine, and I strongly encourage you to buy this microwave if you want compact, efficient, lightweight, easy to clean, and of course a fast and easy cooking experience.

Where to Buy This Compact Size Microwave Oven

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