Panasonic NN CD989s Microwave Review

Is Panasonic NN CD989S genius prestige microwave right for you? Are you in the market to know all about this full stainless steel, inverter technology convection microwave. Reading this well researched, insightful, unbiased review will help you to take a buying decision. We’ll cover here specific features with benefits, typical cost and the place to buy with maximum discount possible.

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Is a Microwave oven just a microwave oven? I use it to whip up amazing meals for friends and family, to re-heat last night’s left over pizza or to simply warm up your milk for your morning cup of coffee, but having owned a few microwaves I realize not all microwaves are made equal. Panasonic’s latest offering, the Panasonic NN-CD 989S Genius Prestige Microwave offers some great features and looks great in the kitchen area.

Look and Feel:

Offering a contemporary feel, this microwave is stainless steel, and has a reflective mirror finish. It fits perfectly with all modern kitchens and is easy to clean and maintain. It is well built, sturdy and solid. And, don’t be surprised when your friends pay you compliments for it. It can easily become a kitchen showcase.What I found different is that it doesn’t have the usual keypad but a buttons and dials and it’s fingerprint resistant, so no unnecessary wiping down. Of course this microwave is quite big compared to other microwaves, which was surprising.

Cooking and Heating:

This is what sets this microwave apart from many others. Compared to my last microwave it cooks food a lot faster and I have noticed a slight drop in my power bill because it uses lower power levels. This is due to the incorporation of inverter technology in it.

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I noticed that when heating hard butter from the fridge for baking it melts easily and quickly. I’ve done veggies in the microwave too and it cooked in a jiffy! I think because it cooks quicker less nutrients are lost.There are ten power levels and the sensor cooking function is perfect for me for a quick snack like pizza or a baked potato. The best part is that you can put metal dishes into the microwave when in oven mode but it doesn’t fit some of my bigger containers.The keep warm function is one of my favorite things. If you are preparing a big lunch you can keep the stuff that is ready, warm and serve immediately.It works really well when the microwave and convection is combined, but the microwave power drops a bit.

User Friendly:

The programming function is easy to use with the owner’s manual. What I liked the most was the The Menu Action Screen which scrolls a recipe step by step while I am cooking. A lot easier than using a messy cook book!The dial button works in increments of 10 which is useful when cooking . When re-heating the machine can auto sense when food is hot enough, this is great for me because I often forget my food in the microwave.Even when cooking the power levels are automatically set for you, which is convenient. For busy moms there is a child safety lock feature which is really helpful.

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I just had a quick electrical question regarding installation and held on for a long time on the call menu to get help.

The Pros:

• It is easy to use especially if you need to cook more than one thing in your oven.• Being able to combine convection and microwave together.• The recipe reader on the screen.• I can bake in it, cook in it and warm food in it.• The programming function is easy to use.• The recipe book is fantastic.• It cooks food very fast.

The Cons:

• I am not sure about the service delivery.• The Microwave is a bit big and bulky• The mount kit is sold separately and is expensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the unit come in black?Ans: The unit comes in black, white or steel grey.

Q: Can this unit be hung from a wall?Ans: It is preferable to use this unit on a counter top or to have it built in with a trim kit. Mounting it from a wall could be dangerous due to its weight.

Q: How long will it take to cook a chicken from raw in this microwave?Ans: From start to finish it could take around 90 minutes.

Final Thought

All in all the Panasonic NN CD989S Prestige Microwave is the perfect microwave whether you are a busy parent in need of getting meals done quickly, or a single person who wants to try their hand at cooking but is need of some guidance. It is the perfect machine if you need to prepare large meals with many components because it acts as a second even but can also keep the other components warm.

Where to Buy 

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