602abcWater 16k Review

The Clack 602abcWater 16k portable water softener is a powerful water softening appliance that stands 18 inches tall and is 10 inches in diameter. It provides a high capacity of 16,000 grain and is portable with a custom metal carry handle. This appliance is suitable for use in RV’s, Motorhomes, Motorcycles and Boats. It can …

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Aquasana Water Softener Review

The Aquasana water softener (SimplySoft) combination pro install kit features a water filter and water softener. The water filter component included in this kit is the Aquasana Premium Rhino and the water softener included is the SimplySoft salt-free water softener. This kit provides you with top quality professional grade equipment for your home or business …

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Watts RV Pro 1000 Review

The Watts RV Pro-1000 (also called the M7002) is a high quality water softener or conditioner. This portable water softener is the ideal choice for the avid traveler who spends a lot of time on the road or in camp. If you live in a motor home or camp in an RV on a regular …

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Water Softener Buying Guide

Hard water is full of minerals like manganese, magnesium carbonate, and calcium. The hard water problem is present when you notice shampoo and soap do not lather well; laundry is grimy, the presence of a ring in the bathtub, the presence of spots on dishes, and the presence of scale deposits in the coffee maker. …

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Water Softener Installation Steps

The difference between hard water and soft water is that hard water contains the minerals calcium and magnesium. Although not unhealthy, hard water can be frustrating because of the many side effects. It leaves a film on your dishware, causes clothes to feel rough and look dingy, leaves soap scum on your shower floor, and …

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