Microwave maintenance and cooking tips

Types of Microwave Oven

Microwaves are extremely useful and as the time passes people are getting more and more familiar with the usage of them. Apart from cooking, there are many other uses of microwaves in modern day. Although these appliances help in cooking, but not to the extent as food can be burnt in them easily. Below are …

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Best Microwave Oven Safe Bowl Set

We all have that one mother, who nags you to wash out your earphones and never lets you play your favorite music. Well, most of the times, parents are not very concerned about their children’s health, but they might be unaware of the increased radiation emitted from their microwaves. This may result in increased chances …

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A Brief History of Microwave Oven

Modern microwaves are able to heat food and cook it for your convenience. Sometimes it seems so strange to see a microwave oven in someone’s kitchen or dorm room. But it’s true, and they have been around for many years. The first modern one was invented in 1959 and was called a “thermostatic” or “heat-regulating” …

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Microwave Working Principle

When you place food in the microwave, you are actually cooking it by creating an electric current that changes the heat content of the food. This current causes the food to produce heat in the microwave oven, which cooks the food by turning it from a solid into a gas, which allows heat to flow. …

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