10 Best Built in Microwave Ovens

Today, the microwaves have become a necessary cooking appliance in various households.

If you want a stylish and streamlined kitchen for your home, the built in microwave oven are a necessity item. This product has lot of options whether you would like to re-heat the cooked food or make pizza or any item in the short time.

The built in microwave also tends to take small space which is at premium in any small apartment, flats or bachelor pad. The microwave also help you to make coffee, tea and other food in very short time and also saves energy as it is environment friendly.

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Features of Built in microwave oven

Some features of the Built in microwave oven are as follows:

1. The microwave has one touch electronic control with the digital display which let to adjust easily and quickly various functions such as cook timings, timer and clock, power levers and cook settings.

2. This product has more than 900 watts of cooking power and also have 10 adjustable power levels which lets you defrost, reheat, boil and more functions.

3. More than 6 pre-programmed one touch digital cook settings helps you to prepare frozen entrees, pizza, popcorn or beverages with the touch of a button easily

Benefits of Built in microwave oven

There are many benefits of this micro oven. With the advanced features, the appearance of the microwave oven is smooth and clean lines which enhance the style of kitchen. Also, the cooking of any dish becomes an adventure of taste and flavor rather than a chore which has be completed in time.

They are also to use and maintain even for newbies.

Why You Should Buy This Product

Today, most of the kitchens in the modern apartment and flats have a limited space where the best option is to get the built-in microwave as it frees up the space on the kitchen counter. It is also available in various designs and trims so it is also in harmony with your kitchen theme of decoration.

Also, it has lot of advanced features which makes the cooking an adventure and a joy to the cook. The entertaining at home becomes enjoyable with the cooking a joy not a chore which has be finished for the main event of the evening.


Microwave oven has become an integral part of the modern kitchen with cool lines and sophisticated looks, its advanced features and lot of benefits which are associated with it. With built in microwave oven, it has become an enjoyable experience to entertain the guests at home.

1. Frigidaire FPMO209K Built-In Microwave with 1,200 Watts One-Touch function – The looks and the functions of this microwave are really great with stainless finish which matches the rest of the kitchen.

2. Advent MW912BWDK Black Built-in Microwave Oven – This product is designed as the built in unit which has the one touch and easy to use electronic controls for most of the functions.

3. Sharp KB-6524PS 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven, Stainless – The microwave is the best blend of convenience and style with versatile function for benefits of the users.

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