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When you set out to buy the right microwave for your home you need to learn a little bit about the different types as well as the features that are common on today's microwaves. The industry is advancing at a rapid rate so it makes sense to familiarize yourself with what's new before you spend your money. 

What are some of the basic features?

All microwave ovens comes with some sort of cooking timer. The higher end models will also have a delay start that you can program to begin whenever you need to. This can be helpful when you are preparing various types of food for dinner but don't want to start cooking right away. 

Most microwaves come with different power levels that you can set depending on what you are preparing. Some of the more expensive ones will have auto presets for such things as popcorn, soups, pizza, baked potatoes, and more. The average microwave cooks with between 650 and 1,300 watts which is more than adequate for just about any recipe you need.

To go along with this, some of the more advanced microwave ovens have built-in sensors that can determine when the food has been cooked to completion. They also help prevent overcooking and undercooking as well as being useful for the presets mentioned above. 

rotating turntable has become a common feature found on today's ovens. It is designed to help you cook the food more evenly as the heat is distributed across the entire piece of food. The cheaper models don't have this which forces you to periodically stop the cycle and turn your food. 

There are certain models that come with a warming lamp to simply warm your food as needed. This is much less intense heat but it can be very helpful when you don't need maximum cooking power. 

Other family friendly features like a child safety lock and certain noise dampening capabilities can make this appliance much safer as well as more enjoyable to use. Check the feature list for the noise "sones" rating to determine how loud it will be. While these might not be important features to you they can be among the best rated to some families. Having these extra options is always a good thing.